Engineer - Wailea Beach Villas

Company Name:
Destination Hotels & Resorts
Engineer - Wailea Beach Villas
Property Destination Resorts Hawaii
Company Introduction Destination Hotels & Resorts began in 1972 with the development and management of condominium resorts. Since then, we have grown to become consistently ranked as one of the top ten hospitality & property management companies in the country (ranked by Hotel Business Magazine) with more than 7,100 employees, over 7,000 hotel rooms and condominium units, and more than $2.2 billion in assets under management. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Los Angeles-based Lowe Enterprises, a privately-held, national real estate organization active in commercial and hospitality property management investment, and development. Since its inception, Lowe has been responsible for more than $16 billion in assets nationwide. Destination Hotels & Resorts fosters a creative, entrepreneurial and energetic work environment where people come to work and have the opportunity to make personal contributions to the business in which they work. We value passionate people who love to be challenged and desire the freedom to contribute to the overall success of the organization, while accepting full responsibility and accountability. Your role will be integral to the success of meeting our clients expectations and the continued growth of the company. We strive to create a work place culture that values family, work life balance, and community. We help develop our associates and provide support for them to be professionally successful and to have future growth opportunities predicated on that success.
Property Introduction Destination Resorts Hawaii presents a fine collection of premium Maui condo and villa rentals amid the luxury Wailea hotels and resorts on Hawaii's island of Maui. Destination Resorts Hawaii, Inc. has successfully set the highest standards of value, commitment and quality, for its seven villages since 1976. Working with us is a departure from the norm. We embrace an entrepreneurial spirit and nurture an environment where our associates create better ways to do things. What you do, and the decisions you make, will have a direct impact on results. Your role will not be incidental; it will be integral to the success of our business. Destination Resorts Hawaii, Inc. fosters a creative, entrepreneurial and energetic work environment where people come to work and have fun. We value passionate people who love to be challenged and desire the freedom to contribute to the overall success of the organization. Your role will be integral to the success of our company. We strive to create a work place culture that values family, work life balance and community. We help develop our associates and provide support for them to grow their careers with Destination Hotels & Resorts. Our associates are proud to work here!
Job Description
POSITION SUMMARY:-?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /->
Responsible for the proper maintenance and repair of all property and equipment which falls within specialty. Must comply with all department and company rules, regulations, policies, procedures and internal controls and government regulations. Demonstrates and provides outstanding customer and employee relations at all times. Presents in a neat and clean appearance at all times.
Daily completion of work orders containing hours worked and materials used with a description of each job done (and/or any paperwork associated with or requested relating to completing or performing departmental or company work).
Must be able to perform skill requirements in all areas of an associated skill in a proficient and timely manner.
Other duties as assigned.
Employee must know how to perform at least 6 of the following skills initially, and will be expected to perform any or all with supervision and training.
Painting, staining, and sanding the interior and exterior of buildings.-?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = "O" /->
Basic lubrication of motors and equipment (supervised.)
Belt adjustment and/or change on mechanical equipment (supervised.)
Carpentry Skills
1. Know the different tools and be checked out on how to use and adjust them.
2. Be able to build picture and sign frames of different styles and types of wood.
3. Know various types of wood; oak, walnut, pine, redwood, etc., and the sizes they come in (i.e. 2x4)
4. Be able to repair chairs, tables, garbage cans, and railings.
Electrical Skills
1. Find and reset circuit breaker for tripped circuit (determine cause of problem.)
2. Ability to use Volt-Ohm meter to test circuits.
3. Troubleshoot and locate bad switches and outlets, replace if needed.
4. Check appliance cords to see if they are good or bad.
5. Change light bulb socket or fluorescent tombstone when bad.
6. Be able to find reset buttons on air handlers and garbage disposals, systems disconnects and reset motors.
7. Know the terms voltage, amperage and resistance, and their definition and relationship to each other.
8. Must learn or know safety procedures and lockout tag out procedures for working on or near electrical devices and circuits.
9. Know the different types of light bulbs; incandescent, fluorescent, mercury, vapor, metal halide, high-pressure sodium.
Painting Skills
1. Ability to:
Brush and roll oil base and latex paints.
Match paint colors.
Spray paint, stains and sealers.
Install, tape, patch and repair Gypsum wallboard.
2. Know how to use drywall tools.
3. Know different grades of sandpaper and which to use on different surfaces and finishes.
4. Be able to:
Setup and work off scaffolding and ladder jacks.
Setup ,use , maintain and clean an airless sprayer and gun.
Make finish repairs to chairs and tables, and deck chairs and tables.
Repair and stain garbage cans.
Wear respirator and use spray equipment.
Use scrapers, wire brushes and paint removers to prep areas to be painted.
Refrigeration Skills
1. Know how to:
Change filters and clean evaporators and condensers on refrigeration systems.
Know what temperatures coolers and freezers should run at.
Plumbing Skills
1. Know:
Water drain system.
Be able to identify the terms- compression flare, coupling, tee, ell, bushing, bell-reducer, union, street-ell.
Standard sizes of galvanized pipe, black pipe, copper tubing, and PVC pipe.
Floor/Wall Skills
1. Ability to:
Install under-layment.
Install or replace sheetrock.
Replace baseboard trim or put stainless or vinyl corners in place of original corner.
Replace and repair ceiling tile glued on or dropped in place.
Appliance Skills
1. Ability to light pilot lights.
2. Replace knobs, burners, racks, door seals.
Required Qualifications
REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS:-?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /->
1. Ability to satisfactorily communicate in English with guests, management and co-workers to their understanding.
2. Capable of performing at least 6 of the listed skills.
3. Learn and become competent in all the listed skills in order to achieve professional growth.
4. Must be 18 years old.
5. Be able to read, write, speak and understand the English language.
6. Able to work in close quarters, from heights or underground enclosures.
7. Accept direction and instruction readily and willingly.
8. Demonstrate aptitude for job duties.
9. Valid driver s license with an acceptable (insurable) driving record.
10. Able to work competently with basic hand tools.
Preferred Qualifications Previous painting experience
Previous general maintenance experience
Resort/Hotel experience
City Maui
State Hawaii
Job Type Part Time
Type of Position Hourly Position

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