Software Developer

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ArdentMC is a technology firm that delivers expertise and solutions in areas of situational awareness, real-time data management, predictive analytics and emerging technologies. We invite you to join our dynamic organization serving federal clients from the US Department of Homeland Security, to the Department of Defense. ArdentMC offers competitive salaries, 401K matching, competitive paid annual leave, tuition reimbursement and host of other benefits, creating a rewarding and fast-paced work environment.
Role and Responsibilities
Software Developers at ArdentMC implement solutions utilizing cutting edge technology in cross-functional areas of enterprise programs. Software developer's design and implement integrated solutions using heterogeneous technology stacks and exercise professional judgment in the implementation approach.
Software Developers have a wide spectrum of tools and technologies to ensure program success. Software Developers maintain responsibility over code components of projects, and support the promotion of code to shared assets of the company, to be distributed across multiple client programs. Training opportunities are available, and employee-directed training can be reimbursed to provide ongoing sharpening and development of employee skills.
Software Developers will be involved in technology rich software efforts supporting national security and national defense related projects. Successful candidates may also

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